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Get the best travel experience in the most exotic destinations through the luxury holiday packages offered by Tibro. Choose from one-of-a-kind custom deals for holidays and premium travel. Tibro also provides customised festival-based holiday packages for various destinations to experience true shades of festivals around the world. We offer exclusive experiences for domestic as well as international luxury holidays.

Maharajas Express

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Best of Kerala

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Dazzling Dubai

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Saudi Arabia

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Tibro believes in creating experience especially tailored for your preferences and budgets. We are attuned to provide exclusive guidance for domestic as well as international trips. Be it a family trip or a business tour, Tibro stands staunchly beside you through every step to assure your satisfaction and security.

The Golden Chariott

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Delightful Thailand

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Vietnamese Classic

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Stunning Sri Lanka

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Cambodian Escape

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Ladakh Tour Package

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Luxury Villas in Phuket

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Luxurious Shimla

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Incredible Bhutan

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Best Of Himachal

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A French Rendezvous

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Europe Van Tour

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Best of South East Asia

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Sunny Spain

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Magical Andaman

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Discover Turkey

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Scenic Switzerland

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Luxurious Kashmir

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Luxury Maldives

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Magical Africa

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Best of South Africa

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Best of America

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Best of Australia & New Zealand

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A Memorable Ladakh Experience for Everyone

Luxury Holidays

Going on a holiday is one of the best experiences in the world. Why would an individual not like to visit a beautiful place, substantially different from his own? The world is our home, and we are all a part of this big family, then why not visit a different neighbourhood once in a while? Travel to palaces and parks, museums to monuments, experience wildlife and waterfalls, embrace green nature and watch the sunset from different beaches. Thanks to the growing travel industry in India, today a globetrotter has plenty of options like different holiday packages and easy customisation while booking a trip.

An International holiday is bound to show you a different world. Travel has the power to leave you speechless by revealing its diverse cultures, brilliant structures, and contrasting lives existing around the globe. Tibro offers holidays right from enticing Eastern Europe to magnificent Mauritius. You can opt for destinations like Europe, Africa, America, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius etc. Partake in never-done-before experiences and dive into the lap of luxury with the best of stay, food, and facilities offered by Tibro.

Tibro (sister concern of Orbit Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.) with over 30 years of experience believes in creating travel packages specially tailored for your preference and budgets; it is attuned to provide exclusive domestic as well as international luxury holidays. The holiday packages offered by Tibro are thoughtfully curated and designed keeping in mind different holidaying needs. The professional tour consultants of Tibro cater to all your travel needs and work towards making your holiday perfect.

Travel with Tibro to get the best luxury holiday experience at the exotic destinations all around the world.


Why rely on us

Experimental & Curated

Our thoughtfully curated holiday packages are designed keeping in mind different holidaying needs and requirements.

Premium & Exclusive

We provide exclusive, one of a kind custom deals for holidays and luxury travel services for a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Destination based Celebrations

Experience the true shades of the festivals live without customized festival based holiday packages to various destinations.

Led by Experts

Our team of professional tour consultants cater to all your travel needs and work towards making your trip perfect.

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